ESP32 Development Board

It seems that most ESP32 breakout boards are vaporware or futureware.  I have been buying ESP8266 modules for some time and recently ordered ESP32S modules directly from AI-Thinker.  They started signing their email with “Notes:ESP-32 begin to sale!” and I assumed that it means that I can buy as many as I need.

I asked for a price for a few hundred modules, was quoted a price and when I placed an order I was told that they will ship me one module for development.  After some back and forward one became two and it was duely shipped with some ESP8266-07 modules that I use for some custom products and my breakout board.  A few weeks later I received an email saying that the ESP32S was now in stock and I ordered a few hundred with some ESP8266 modules.  That was about two months ago and I’m still waiting.

On Friday, 6 Jan 2017 I finally got a tracking number for my modules.

Here is my brand new ESP32 development board.  Other than the ESP32 module it has an FTDI FT231XS USB to Serial converter, A 3.3V LDO, Reset and Flash Switches and a multi color LED.

There are two tri-color LEDs on the board.  One has the red and green LEDs hooked up to the FT231 to signal transmit and receive activity and the other is connected to three IO pins on the ESP32S module.

The board supports auto-download from the Arduino environment and will automatically be set in download mode by the downloader.  Once the download is complete the board will be reset, just like a normal Arduino board.

All the required capacitors and pull-up resistors are fitted on the board.  The board can be powered from an external power supply of up to 12V or the USB connector or both.

Unlike most other boards this one fits on a breadboard and has one row of pins accessible on each side of the board.

The schematic will be available once the board is listed for sale.  If you are interested in the board drop me a line at sales @

The board is expected to be available in volume by Jan 15, 2017 for $19.95 per board.

Edit: You can buy the boards here  for $16.95.  The board uses the ESP-WROOM-32 module instead of the AI-Thinker ESP32S module due to continuing supply problems with the AI-Thinker module.