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LM323K Replacement Now Available

In the previous post I said that with a little bit of luck the PSU5 would be in production by the end of May.  Well, the luck didn’t materialize and it took till the first week in June for it to be ready.  Even now my production capacity is a little limited due to a fault in the solder paste stencil.


From the picture above you can see that the inductor mounting pads did not get any paste.  The stencil file provided by the PCB supplier to the stencil manufacturer did not contain the openings for the inductor pads.  Normally paste openings are rectangular and because these were not strictly rectangles the CAM program dropped them from the paste mask.  The supplier is re-manufacturing the stencil and for the time being the paste for the inductors are being added with a manual paste dispenser.  Fortunately the pads are large so it is easy to do.  A long story short; The LM232K replacement is called PSU5 and is available for sale from the shop.  See