12V TO3-style regulator available

The PSU6 is similar to the LM323 replacement in shape but produces 12V at 1A.  Since the TO3 package is no longer manufactured all the regulators in this package will disappear from the market in due course.

6 and 5s

PSU6 next to its older brother


The PSU6 has a 40V absolute maximum input voltage and will produce 1A without a heatsink.  It is mechanically identical to a LM7812K and is more accurate being within 2% of 12V under all load and input conditions.  It includes over current, thermal and short circuit protection.

One of  the improvements made to to the PSU6 based on user feedback is that the rings around the ground contacts have been increased in size.


PSU6 12V 1A switching regulator


2 thoughts on “12V TO3-style regulator available

  1. Marcus Phillips

    Hello. can you please elaborate about behavior of PSU6 when Vin is under regulation threshold? Does it stuck like most buck converters or it acts like LM323?

    1. Daniel

      Hi Marcus
      I’m not 100% sure I understand the question but I’ll try to answer. When Vin is below the minimum voltage required for the output to be 12V then the regulator is in drop out and it will go to maximum duty cycle. The output voltage will follow the input voltage with a nearly constant difference between input and output. This is true while the voltage is above the under voltage lockout level of 2.9V. When the input drops below 2.9V the regulator will shut off.


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