Switch Mode Regulator Drop In Replacement for LM7805

I have completed the design, layout, assembly and initial testing of a switch mode regulator that is a drop in replacement for an overheating LM7805.  It includes all the capacitors on the module.  The module is only a few millimeters wider than a TO-220 package.  With 12V in and 0.5A load current a LM7805 needs a fairly substantial heatsink to keep the device from reaching over temperature cutoff.  The new module can supply 1A continuously with 15V input without overheating.  The back of the module gets noticeably hot but does not burn you when you touch it.

What needs to be done is more testing and some documentation before I’ll offer the part for sale from this web site.  If you are interested in an evaluation module, send an email and I send you a module for test.  I will also offer a 3.3V version.

• Drop-in replacement of 3-terminal LM7805 or equivalent linear voltage regulator.
• Guaranteed 1A output current
• Wide input voltage range up to 7V to 17V
• High efficiency, greater than 70% for loads greater than 1mA, peak efficiency achieved of 90% at 300mA load current.
• Thermal shutdown and current limit protection
• Breadboard friendly
• Board dimensions are 0.51″ x 0.75″ or 12.9mm x 19mm excluding pins. With pins 1.09″ or 27.75mm.
• Definitely no heatsink required.
• All components are mounted on one side of the PCB
• Highest component is the plastic of the connector at 0.15″, Next highest is the inductor at 0.121″ including the thickness of the PCB
• Available with straight or right angled pins.
• Weighs only 0.04 Ounce or 1.3g, ideal for RC model aircraft or quadcopters
• Can drive inductive loads such as DC motors.
• 2.2MHz Switching Frequency

The price is $6-95 in singles with discounts starting from 10 pieces.  If all goes well stocking quantities will be available by next week.


Size comparison PSU2-5 with LM7805 in TO-220 Package

Size comparison PSU2-5 with LM7805 in TO-220 Package

4 thoughts on “Switch Mode Regulator Drop In Replacement for LM7805

  1. John DeArmond


    I’m the chief engineer of Fluxeon Inc, a company that makes small, affordable induction heaters. I’m looking for a drop-in replacement for the LM7805. I have a few questions.

    I could not find a date on this post. Are you still making this product.

    If so, what is your price and lead time in 100 piece quantities?

    If our demand outstrips your capability to make this unit, will you sell us the design so that we can manufacture them?

    John DeArmond
    Fluxeon Inc

    1. Daniel Post author

      Hi John

      Yes, we manufacture this product. It is rapidly becoming our best seller, beating out the 3.3V version of the part. You can find the part here http://ezsbc.com/index.php/products/psu2-5.html. Delivery is normally from stock for quantities up to around 100 pieces. Larger quantities (>1000 pieces) get an additional 9% price break and is subject to a 10 calender day lead time to delivery. The post was made in February 2013


    1. Daniel Post author

      Hi Larry,

      No I don’t. It is unlikely to ever appear since there are no suitable IC’s available that I’m aware of. Depending on the detail of the power supply you use you may use two 7805 stacked to make a -5, 0V and +5V rail. I placed a schematic in the ‘Downloads’ tab on the PSU2 page in the store http://ezsbc.com/index.php/products/psu2-5.html. The schematic shows how it can be done when there is a center tapped transformer available.


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